World Cyber Games results

Yesterday was the end of the World Cyber Games.

In the end of it all South Korea won 3 gold medals, making them the winningest country this year. USA only one 1 gold medal, which was in Guitar Hero 5.

For more info, check out www.wcg.com

and to close out this blog. Here is a match from the WCG Grand Final for Starcraft: Brood War


World Cyber Games in LA, California


The 10th World Cyber Games continues on its last day at 9 AM PST. They are showing Warcraft 3, Starcraft, and Counter Strike finals today.

I don't really follow any of these games except a little bit of Counter Strike. I'm surprised SK Gaming from Sweden or Evil Geniuses from USA didn't make it farther in the tournament.

If you haven't seen what competitive CS looks like. Heres a old CPL montage is SK Gaming. Best part is Spawn almost counter defusing the bomb without the other team noticing and Team 3D from USA almost shutting them out.

Right now USA has won gold medals in Guitar Hero 5, League of Legends, and Quake Wars


Red Bull Halo 3 LAN


Has a bunch of MLG pro teams playing now like the Warriors, Carbon, and Status Quo. Check it out. It ends at around 11 PM PST.

vVv interview with Sundance.


Good listen, Hope Sundance can bring MLG back to the west coast.